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Istanbul based textile artist and set designer.


Born in Istanbul, 1984.

Gratuated from Bilgi University, 2007.


Started her carrier as a styling assistant in advertising and fashion shootings; then evolved into a freelance set designer and art director in years. Meanwhile, has interested in crafts and video art.


Ran a small business 'Serotonin Craft and Design' that offered silkscreen prints, crafted objects and illustrations between 2011-2014.


Participated in a group exhibition 'The Sun is Still There', ArtSümer, Istanbul in 2018.


Awarded for 'Best Art Director' in the short films category by 7th UIFF in 2020.

Interested in the concepts of belonging; ambiguity; fluidity; memory and dreams as a double-life. Excited about the interspecies relationships; symbiosis; possibilities of coinheritances and intersections. Heeds ecology, animal rights and ecofeminism.

Tends to use household textiles, velvet, sand beads and threads in her artistic practice while the technique is quilting; beading and embroidery stitch. Upcycling and found objects impassion the process.



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